Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Plan

You are unique…

… So why are you following the same diet as everybody else? The What IF Plan – the world’s first personalised intermittent fasting weight loss programme – works with your body, not against it.

Yes, you CAN achieve your happy weight, fall in love with your body again and feel confident. Within weeks you can be slimmer, healthier, happier and energised. You will have friends (and strangers!) biting your hand off to tell them: what’s your secret?

Read our customers’ testimonials to find out more about how it’s worked for them.

Our founder, Kate, has just won the Practitioner Award for Nutrition at the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards! There are some incredible judges involved in the awards including Zoe Ball, Jo Wood, Carrie Grant, Dr Marilyn Glenville and Dale Pinnock.

2018 Winner

Are you ready to feel great again?

We’re all guilty of over-indulging at times, but without understanding how your body works, you’ll never crack the code to achieve your happy weight.

Put simply – if you:

• Can’t stop snacking
• Use food as a reward or treat
• Are addicted to sugar
• Always waiting for ‘wine o’clock’
• Are a caffeine addict
• Can’t live without carbs

Then you’ll probably feel:

• Sluggish
• Anxious
• Exhausted
• Stressed out
• Overwhelmed
• Depressed

And the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, disappointment, and at worst, self-loathing, continues. If you’ve had enough of being out of shape, feeling exhausted of dragging yourself through your day, and not looking and feeling your best – help is at hand!

Unlocking your unique DNA is the key to understanding how your body processes certain foods. Once you know that, following a personalised intermittent fasting plan is the most effective way to reach your goal weight – and stay there, forever! It’s really that simple with the What IF Plan.


What we study

We look at over 30 genetic variations (known in the business as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs). These provide a fascinating insight into your sensitivity to:

Saturated fats
How you deal with toxins


And so much more!

Kate is supported by several other MSc. qualified nutritionists and leading Scientific Advisors. She also devotes time to charity work and has provided DNA Plan at no cost to many young people suffering from life-changing conditions, such as cancer, obesity and arthritis.
Kate also writes and comments for several publications including: Women’s Health, Top Sante, Women’s Fitness, Daily Express, Sainsburys Magazine, Healthy Mag, Woman’s Own, Daily Star and more.

How it works

The What IF Plan couldn’t be simpler. You do a 30-second home DNA test via a mouth swab, which is sent to our UK labs for analysis. We also provide you with an at home Blood Testing kit, which is also sent to our UK labs. These reveal your unique genetic identity and tells us how you react to certain foods and stimulants including carbs, caffeine, saturated fats and sugar. Once we have your results we then create a personalised report for you including your DNA and Blood test results as well as recipes and meal plans. We also provide a 60 minute consultation via phone or Skype with one of our MSc qualified Nutritionists.

Why it works

The promise of nutrigenetics testing is that it reveals more about the way you’re built, so we can tailor your diet to fit your biology. With our help, you can use your DNA to understand your genetic make-up and finally regain control of your weight and body.

With the What IF Plan, we analyse the key genes connected to weight loss to give you that ‘diet breakthrough’ you’ve been looking for. Grounded in the latest nutrition science, our simple and delicious weight loss plan has a 100% success rate. You can expect to lose between 5 – 9lbs in the first two weeks.

This isn’t a diet – it’s a plan for life. Check out our testimonials to find out what people think of it!

Your data is cared for and protected.

The What IF Plan Ltd. adhere to a strict data protection policy to ensure your data is safe and abide by the UK Data Protection Act, so you can be reassured that your report is precise and your data secure.

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