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The What IF Plan is the world’s first weight management programme combining the power of Intermittent Fasting (IF) techniques with personalised nutrition based on an individual’s own unique DNA.

The What IF Plan’s founder, award-winning genetic nutritionist Kate Llewellyn Waters, gained her Masters in Personalised Nutrition and was awarded a Merit for her thesis titled ‘The Role of Adiponectin in Insulin Sensitivity and Intermittent Fasting‘ which focused specifically on Intermittent Fasting. Kate herself has practised IF for over 12 years and credits it for her own good health and wellbeing.

Kate was inspired to create the weight management programme to help men and women who want to improve their health, boost their energy and learn to love their bodies again. She spent over 4 years analysing the scientific research on Intermittent Fasting before developing the plan, and works with clients all over the world with a 100% success rate.

Kate, who is an is an expert in nutrigenomics and intermittent fasting, specialises in working with people who want a simple and easy eating plan that cuts through the nutrition hype and fits in easily with their routine.

Kate is supported by several other MSc. qualified nutritionists and leading Scientific Advisors. She also devotes time to charity work and has provided DNA Plan at no cost to many young people suffering from life-changing conditions, such as cancer, obesity and arthritis.

Kate also writes and comments for several publications including: Women’s Health, Top Sante, Women’s Fitness, Daily Express, Sainsburys Magazine, Healthy Mag, Woman’s Own, Daily Star and more.

Our founder, Kate, has just won the Practitioner Award for Nutrition at the 2018 Janey Loves Platinum Awards! There are some incredible judges involved in the awards including Zoe Ball, Jo Wood, Carrie Grant, Dr Marilyn Glenville and Dale Pinnock.

2018 Winner



Kate’s credentials

Kate has always been passionate about nutrition, health and wellbeing. She gained her first fitness qualification aged 16, built on this in her spare time whilst a student at the university of Warwick, culminating in her Masters degree in Personalised Nutrition.

The What IF Plan is fortunate to be supported by numerous other qualified nutritionists and leading Scientific Advisors.


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